Wonderwheel recordings go Andean with Huella by Tremor.

This is a project close to my own heart. Since being in Bolivia and Peru for about 6 months a while back I’ve been curating the Soundcloud group Nueva Andina. It’s a platform for experimentation with Andean forms of music. I’d like to open people up to the wide and beautiful diversity within Andean music…it’s not just about new age pan pipe CDs.

This group Tremor contributed a track to the group called Caracol a while back. Nicodemus, founder of Brooklyn based Wonderwheel records, (aside from being one of the nicest most positive and encouraging people I’ve ever had the good fortune to spend time with), has an astute ear for marketable music from all over the world. I’m delighted he has picked up on this. The track Huella is in a vocal style particularly heard up in the north of Argentina in the region of Salta and the stunningly beautiful Quebrada de Humuaca. The other track Tarkas is played on something like a recorder and is a much more traditional western altiplano sound conjuring up the wild freezing landscapes of volcanos and saltpans. Hopefully it will add to the growing interest in Andean music.

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