EBS recordings. The modern sound of Brazil.

I love it when a bout of opening doors in Soundcloud turns up a whole rich new roomful of music. I stumbled on some remixes by Tahira that I loved. As it turns out, he has a label and specialises in music with one foot in classic Brazilian sound of artists like Gil Gilberto or Marcus Valle, and the other foot in the contemporary dance music. Here’s one of many Brazuca EPs available on Bandcamp. Enjoy. Perfect for taking the edge off the increasing northern hemisphere chill of approaching winter.

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Wonderwheel recordings go Andean with Huella by Tremor.

This is a project close to my own heart. Since being in Bolivia and Peru for about 6 months a while back I’ve been curating the Soundcloud group Nueva Andina. It’s a platform for experimentation with Andean forms of music. I’d like to open people up to the wide and beautiful diversity within Andean music…it’s not just about new age pan pipe CDs.

This group Tremor contributed a track to the group called Caracol a while back. Nicodemus, founder of Brooklyn based Wonderwheel records, (aside from being one of the nicest most positive and encouraging people I’ve ever had the good fortune to spend time with), has an astute ear for marketable music from all over the world. I’m delighted he has picked up on this. The track Huella is in a vocal style particularly heard up in the north of Argentina in the region of Salta and the stunningly beautiful Quebrada de Humuaca. The other track Tarkas is played on something like a recorder and is a much more traditional western altiplano sound conjuring up the wild freezing landscapes of volcanos and saltpans. Hopefully it will add to the growing interest in Andean music.

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New release from Umoja

Just got wind of this new release from the Netherlands yesterday. Umoja’s first outstanding release Je-Ka-Lo has been a firm favourite in Rambunctious Social Club and Jelly Jazz sets since its release. It was a modern Afrofunk classic. Somewhat surprisingly I was expecting more afrofunk but this time Umoja have headed off in the cumbia and afrolatin direction. I just like the fact that these producers don’t sound particularly like they are trying to sound like anything else.  They seem to start with a theme but then they head -off-road and explore freely within that framework and always seem to come up with something fresh.


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Ovni Guarajé: Digital afrocolombian from Madrid.

I almost feel negligently slow on this one. This is Ovni Guarajé. As far as I can determine from my limited Spanish they are the brainchild of DJ Caution and are based in Madrid on the label Tierra Candela. The style though is firmly in the modern digital colombian arena currently occupied by Systema Solar, Bomba Estero and Monareta. I absolutely love it. Here’s a link to their Bandcamp site.


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Voodoocuts comes up trumps again. Chicha descarga for the 21st century dancefloor. Un, dos, tres, QUE RICO!

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Brand new Eastern European mayhem from Dunkelbunt!

Was delighted to receive a full promo of the new Dunkelbunt EP this morning.  Hailing from the musical hotbed of Vienna which was pretty much the birthplace of Electroswing, Dunkelbunt has always crafted his own sound blending dubbed out balkan sounds, arabic and electroswing, with absolutely banging dancefloor friendly bass.

His first LP Morgenlandfahrt contained several anthems such as La Revedere, The Chocolate Butterfly, and The Stojka Empire. This is a great return to form. The first track is pure menacing middle-eastern breakbeat.  The legendary gypsy brass orchestra of Boban and Marko Markovic are remixed with heavy bass.  The Savages y Suefo remix adds an electroswing feel. Plenty here to please the discerning dance-floor.

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Afro-colombian gets the New Yorican treatment!

Several weeks old now but still loving this newish release from Dutty Artz and Son Palenque. Full set of upfront dancefloor ready remixes of afro-colombian music remixed by some of the best. This masterpiece of accordion and almost mexican horns from So Shifty is still edging it as my favourite.

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Headsup: My second release on Carnibal!

Great news today that my second release on Carnibal Records is only five days away. This time it is a remix of a Punjabi track by Mohinder Kaur Bhamra, one of the original female vocalists in UK Bhangra. Many thanks to Keda Records and Kuljit Bhamra for allowing this remix of his mother’s outstanding music. Check out ‘Mohinder Kaur Bhamra – The Ultimate Collection’ on Keda Records for some astoundingly beautiful tunes. It’s available on Amazon but better still get it directly from Keda Records’ website.

Here’s a pre-release snippet on Soundcloud for anyone that’s interested. The second clip of the four is my remix.

Many thanks also to Palov and Panama Cardoon from Carnibal Records for the release. xxx


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Latino Drum&Bass anyone?

Came across this guy DJ Neber from Mexico a couple of years back. It’s hardly polished but I kind of like it with the rough edges. His first collection of tunes was pretty much hip hop beats with cumbia and salsa tracks. Now he’s back with a selection of Drum & Bass belters on Bandcamp. Definitely one to watch.

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