Brand new Eastern European mayhem from Dunkelbunt!

Was delighted to receive a full promo of the new Dunkelbunt EP this morning.  Hailing from the musical hotbed of Vienna which was pretty much the birthplace of Electroswing, Dunkelbunt has always crafted his own sound blending dubbed out balkan sounds, arabic and electroswing, with absolutely banging dancefloor friendly bass.

His first LP Morgenlandfahrt contained several anthems such as La Revedere, The Chocolate Butterfly, and The Stojka Empire. This is a great return to form. The first track is pure menacing middle-eastern breakbeat.  The legendary gypsy brass orchestra of Boban and Marko Markovic are remixed with heavy bass.  The Savages y Suefo remix adds an electroswing feel. Plenty here to please the discerning dance-floor.

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