Equipment and services

I have a very clear and sweet 2K Fohhn soundsystem which is perfect for a marquee or gathering up to 250 people. I also have a small mixing desk suitable for connecting a few microphones if needed for speeches etc.

I have full public liability insurance and necessary certification that my equipment complies to Health and Safety regulations.

If necessary I can easily hire additional speakers if we feel we need to take it up a notch or two for larger gatherings.


I’m also delighted to be able to offer jazz and swing sets on two wind up gramophone players and a pile of old jazz and swing shellac 78s. Ideal for that scratchy nostalgic sound of country picnics in days of old. Marvel as anyone under the age of seventy scratches their heads to work out how something with neither wires nor batteries can create such lovely volume.

Perfect atmosphere for the early part of a summer wedding reception to compliment the clinking of glasses and birdsong.