Fabulous Forro

Analog Africa continue to surprise and delight. Their latest offering comes from an artist known as Camarao from north east Brazil.  Forro is a form of dance music from this region, and is typically made by a trio led by a virtuoso accordion (sanfona) player, a triangle and a bass drum called a zubamba. Leading lights of the form have been artists like Luiz Gonzaga, Jackson de Panderiero, Sivuca, Oswaldinho and Dominguinhos.

Camarao was the first person to try putting horns into the Forro mix which has resulted in a strange combo sounding not unlike some Mexican banda music but with forro rhythms. At times this ends up sounding somewhat like music to westerns hence the title of this collection ‘The imaginary soundtrack to a brazilian western’. I love the range of musics from around the world that use accordion so it’s always great to hear new offerings. I’ve put a link to the Bandcamp page but also a Youtube clip of one of the other remarkable tracks that is on the compilation. Check out Sereia do Mar for the stripped down sousaphone bass banda sound but also Voce passa eu acho graca for a more full big band sound.

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