Heavenly Andean electronica – El Gran Poder

I wish Wonderwheel Recordings would slow down a little. I can’t quite keep up with all the amazing music they are churning out at the moment. Take this Lagartijeando remix project. This artist started out on groundbreaking Buenos Aires record label ZZK. Having started on the heavily electronic cumbia tip, they’ve moved further and further towards the digital Andean folkloric side of things. Like Label mate Chancho via Circuito they still tend to keep it fairly downtempo although there are some promising signs of higher energy creeping into the music in this collection. They certainly deserve to be up there with other leading lights in this scene like Nicola Cruz and El Buho. It’s hard to pick out highlights from the album as it’s that rare beast…a start to finish listen. I went through it three times in a row last night. (It’s great to work to by the way!) I love Camino En Llamas (Steffen Kirchhoff revision). El Buho pulls it out of the bag again with a midtempo ‘Antofagasta de la Sierra’. Weirdly he has two remixes of the same tune in this collection and they’re both lush. The other highlight is Chilean producer Matanza’s remix of ‘La Memoria del Viento’. Kind of Andean electro-reggaes with vocals.

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