Mindblowingly beautiful electro-andean from Luzmila Carpio on ZZK records

Wow. Mindblowing weekend. Absolutely HUGE tropical night at Rambunctious Social Club on Saturday night. Made great new friends in Chris Tofu and Cal Jader. Had a great Sunday recovery session with Cal talking about music and the people who make it. He just alerted me to this incredible project on Buenos Aires based label ZZK. It’s by a venerated Bolivian singer from Potosi called Luzmila Carpio and features seven tracks remixed by some of the best known talent in the ever snowballing Electro-Andean music scene. ZZKs Chancho via Circuito and Wonderwheel’s Tremor have cracks at the whip as does US world music ace Captain Planet. It’s everything I hoped would emerge when I started the Nueva Andina soundcloud group whilst I was still in travelling in Peru. This is raw, honest and authentic huayno k’alampeado music from Potosi district blended with modern electronica. I absolutely love it. The electro-andean movement is gaining pace.

Do yourselves a favour. I’ve included the Soundcloud mix of four tracks below for ease of listening. Go straight to Bandcamp and get yourself the full seven track LP. It’s only a minimum seven dollars….pay more! These kind of projects deserve support.

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