My Bongo’s ‘Original Sound of Burkina Faso’.

Mr Bongo are continuing their ‘Original Sound of…’ series with ‘The Original Sound of Burkina Faso’. I kind of like the ethos behind the series in which they are trying to dig right down to original movers and shakers within the music scene from each country. The Original Sound of Mali uncovered several artists I’d never head of before and the Burkina Faso one doesn’t disappoint either.

As an ex funk DJ the undoubted highlight is a tune called ‘Aminata du The’. As good a James Brown cover as you’ll ever hear it’s basically an uptempo version of Cold Sweat. It will be played at the forthcoming Jelly Jazz 25th birthday party for sure. But the rest of the LP is a balanced mix of afrofunk, highlife and one cuban inspired salsa workout called ‘Whisky et Coca Cola’.

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