Pervian digital cumbia scene

Just got sent this by Dj Caution from Ovni Guaraje. I’ve been following some of these artists for a while through the Nueva Andina group that I curate on Soundcloud. The hardcore electronic stuff is a little too much for me but I really love some of the old remixes of Amazonian chicha by bands like Los Destellos and Los Mirlos. I’d love to see some of these guys taking on the other forms of peruvian folk music. They have such an incredibly rich and diverse range of styles. Almost every region has it’s own distinctive sounds. Although people associate Peru with zamponas (panpipes) and quenas a lot of their music is actually heavily string led. Harps, guitars, charangos and a lot of violins. Peruvian huayno has a lot of accordion in it was well which is something you rarely hear in Bolivia. I’m working on a remix at the moment through Sounds and Colours magazine from a French field recording artist called Vincent Moon who has an amazing catalogue of field recordings from Peru. Will put up a link in the next post.

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