Specialist Events DJing

Glyn Griffiths is a DJ with some 20 years worth of experience spanning many forms of music. Over the years Griff realised there was an unfulfilled need for professional DJing at parties and weddings to cater for those that did not want a typical ‘wedding DJ’ playing classic pop hits or disco. Though this suits some people just fine, others are looking for something a little different, (and dare we say classier) to suit their own tastes in music. Weddings particularly, represent a uniquely difficult challenge as rarely in our culture will you get so many different generations in one place at the same time. How do you keep everyone happy?  After being invited to provide music for many private parties and weddings Griff found that swing, jazz, rhythm and blues, and western swing music provided the perfect bridge between generations. After all who doesn’t love a great Louis Jordan or Nina Simone tune? Add to this the wealth of modern bands making great new gypsy swing and the added ‘oomph’ of electro-swing and the cocktail is complete.

First and foremost Griff is a music lover with an extensive collection covering swing, rhythm and blues, jazz, latin, soul, funk, ska, african and brazilian. If the party host wishes, the musical selection can be tailored to their particular wishes within these boundaries. Let’s make one thing abundantly clear though. I don’t do the ‘Birdy Song’ or ‘Agadoo’. Neither do I do contemporary chart pop music. There are plenty of other DJs out there who can do that kind of stuff. Griff is primarily a music lovers DJ, and over the years has DJed many times for Rick Stein’s restaurant, The Eden project, numerous festivals and countless weddings and private functions.  If you are a music lover and want to leave the music at your event in reliable hands…look no further.

Here’s a short video made of one of the parties I DJed at for inspiration. The video was made by Matt Brasier. Please check out his other work at: http://www.mattbrasier.com/about/

Kate’s Birthday (1280 x 720).m4v from Yahudus Dudus on Vimeo.