Telemachus – In Morocco

I stumbled across this little gem from 2014 today on Soundcloud. Dunno how I missed it first time round. I love the story behind it. Better known for his hip hop roots, David Webb aka Chemo uses the name Telemachus for his more leftfield instrumental projects. In 2014 he moved over to Morocco for a couple of months to surf and make an LP. It’s everything I wished I had done with my youth. :-) In an echo of the sixties hippie generation that ventured to North Africa seeking inspiration, Telemachus has come back with something totally original and very 21st century. I love the goats and barking dogs and the whole field recording feel to it. Don’t be fooled though this is slick production. ┬áThere are echoes of Pink Floyd and at times early nineties psych trip hop like Tranquility Bass. I’m totally addicted to it. Favourite tunes are the ambient ‘Petit etoiles’ and more upbeat ‘Mirleft’ and ‘Tiznit’. Great start to finish listen though.

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