Jupiter Okwess International

Jupiter Bokondji was raised in East Germany as his father was a Congalese diplomat. It’s given him a unique perspective on the relationship of Africa with Europe. He mentions being racially abused as a kid in East Germany by people that weren’t even free to cross the Berlin wall. He on the other hand crossed every day to get to school. “Who was more free?” His loud and angry message to young Congalese is to stop abandoning their cultural heritage to pursue the dream of getting to Europe.

Finding this video has set me on a new mission in 2018 to give a platform to some of the amazing video content that is coming in worldwide. The quality of some of the stuff coming out of Africa and South America is off the scale. And sadly it never really gets seen on anything except people’s phones and laptops. At Rambunctious Social Club we are about to invest in the kind of projector that can do these videos justice in a club setting. Serato has full video capability so I should be able to mix video into DJ sets. ‘Rambunctious tropical video show’ is on the way.

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