The KutiMangoes – Made in Africa

Got a promo this week that I really have to shout about. The KutiMangoes second LP is called Made in Africa and it’s one of the best I’ve heard all year. The story of the band appears to be that a group of hip Danish jazz musicians decided that there wasn’t enough music in world fusing the afrofunk genius of Fela Kuti with the melodic jazz of Charlie Mingus. Fair point. I mean we’ve all thought that at some stage haven’t we? Anyways. Their first LP Afro-Fire won all kinds of stuff and now they’re back. I’ll admit this is the first I’ve heard of them but it’s really really good. I remember reading an interview with World Circuit records don, Nick Gold where he said the challenge for releasing world music LPs was finding things that crossover and appealed to people that didn’t understand a word of what was going on lyrically. This is the first proper listen from start to finish albums I’ve heard in a while. And it’s remarkably varied. There are several uptempo afrofunk bangers that will be lighting up dancefloors near you soon like This Ship Will Sink, BIC or Adjoa. There are also more subtle but effortlessly funky tunes like Red Rain, Hunting and Bamako by Bus. Seriously it’s all great. Released Nov 4th.


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